mercredi 19 février 2014

[CONTEST] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Thor's Cloth

This is my 2nd entry for the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII contest.

Compared to my 1st design, I decided to take the counterpart of it and go for the Northern God type. Odin seemed a little bit easy (and used several times in the submissions), so what better choice for me than Thor God of Thunder ("Lightning"? See what I did there?)?
I tried as much as possible to stray away from the comic book/movie design and decided to go with a blend of old fashioned armor and some futuristic features.
We usually know Thor with his trademark winged helmet and I decided to go with feathers/wings which are also used as a pattern all over the outfit. The same goes with the "blady" parts representing lightning (a little far fetched I know...).
The fur parts are still a reminder of Northern warriors style. Mjolnir design is pretty simple/straight forward: a hammer with clouds and thunder patterns.

Photoshop CS5

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