mercredi 19 février 2014

[CONTEST] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Thor's Cloth

This is my 2nd entry for the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII contest.

Compared to my 1st design, I decided to take the counterpart of it and go for the Northern God type. Odin seemed a little bit easy (and used several times in the submissions), so what better choice for me than Thor God of Thunder ("Lightning"? See what I did there?)?
I tried as much as possible to stray away from the comic book/movie design and decided to go with a blend of old fashioned armor and some futuristic features.
We usually know Thor with his trademark winged helmet and I decided to go with feathers/wings which are also used as a pattern all over the outfit. The same goes with the "blady" parts representing lightning (a little far fetched I know...).
The fur parts are still a reminder of Northern warriors style. Mjolnir design is pretty simple/straight forward: a hammer with clouds and thunder patterns.

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samedi 15 février 2014

[CONTEST] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Beowulf suit

Voici ma participation au concours DeviantArt Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Pour ce design comme le titre l'indique, je me suis inspire du Mythe de Beowulf: un guerrier nordique des Goths de Scandinavie (en Suede) dont le nom peut se traduire entre autres par "Loup Thor" or "Loup de guerre".
L'analogie du loup fonctionne pas mal dans cet episode puisque Lightning est seule, hors de sa "meute", d'ou la proliferation de fourrure sur le costume. je voulais rester dans les references nordiques comme pour le reste du jeu (Valhalla, Odin, Lightning en Valkyrie dans FFXIII-2 etc). 
Le Mythe de Beowulf est aussi divise en 3 parties comme FFXIII, avec une 3eme partie qui raconte le dernier combat du guerrier. Je voulais aussi que la tenue soit moins "divine" que celle de FFXIII-2 puisque le 3eme episode se focalise sur l'aspect humain de Lightning, donc pas d'armure complete brillante avec des plumes.
La cape a ete inspiree de Star Wars (lol), un peu comme Luke dans Episode VI (fin de la trilogie originale) qui revient en tant que Maitre Jedi (en quelque sorte).

Le format final devait ressembler a une banniere...

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This is my entry for the DeviantArt Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII contest.

For this design, as the title says, I decided to get inspiration from the Myth of Beowulf: a Northern warrior from Geats (in Sweden) whose name can be translated as "Thor Wolf" or "War Wolf" among others.
The wolf analogy works pretty well in this episode since Lightning is alone, oustide of her "pack", hence the fur all over the outfit. I wanted to stay in the Northern references as the rest of the game (Valhalla, Odin, Lightning as a Valkyrie in FFXIII-2 etc). 
The Myth of Beowulf is also divided in 3 parts like FFXIII with a 3rd part that tells a warrior's last battle. I also wanted the outfit to be less "godly" than hers in FFXIII-2 since the 3rd episode focuses on her humanity, so no shiny full body armor with feathers.
The cloak was partly inspired by Star Wars (lol), kinda like Luke in Episode VI (end of the original trilogy) who came back as a Jedi Master (sort of).

The final format had to be a banner...

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mardi 11 février 2014

Final Fantasy VI - Terra Branford

Ca fait un moment que je voulais faire un vrai fan art de Final Fantasy VI sur lequel je passerai un certain temps. C'est enfin chose faite avec Terra qui se transforme en Esper ^^!

(Juste pour rajouter un petit peu de swag ;) )

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I wanted to draw a Final Fantasy VI fan art on which I would spend a certain amount of time for quite a while now. It's finally done with Terra transforming into an Esper ^^!

(Just to add a little bit of swag ;) )

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